Spencer w kimball quotes on dating

May I have the blessings of our Heavenly Father in my utterances.

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As a result, a rape victim understandably hears that she (or he) would be better off dead than having lost her “virtue.” That is an intolerable, insensitive, wrong-minded, dangerous thought and statement. 196, in his own voice, Elder Kimball says this: “Also far-reaching is the effect of the loss of chastity. I was always proud of the town and happy to live there. I will not give you any spectacular sermon, but I hope to call to your attention some of the things that disturb us, some of the problems that are before us.I desire to speak to you of matters which I feel are extremely important to you, to the people, to the world, and to the Church.uses the term “passionate kissing” to describe kissing that crosses the line.But, like President Kimball’s kissing quote, I’m not sure we all know what “passionate kissing” means.

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