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Russian security forces killed three militants suspected of planning attacks on churches on Russian Orthodox Christmas in a gunfight yesterday. Because the Russian Orthodox Church still observes the Julian calendar. Currently, each day of the Julian calendar occurs 13 days after its corresponding day on the Gregorian calendar—therefore, Dec. Why do Russian Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas so much later than Western Christians? 7 on the Gregorian calendar, which America and most of the rest of the world uses.Pre-Marital Sexual Relations by Archpriest Joseph F Purpura, taken from his book: Moral and Ethical Issues: Confronting Orthodox Youth Across North America It is not surprising that one out of every four teens are unsure if it is right or wrong to have sexual relations prior to marriage, given how much teens are inundated with sexual messages and images in their daily life, starting from the pre-teen years.The fact that only 5.57 percent of teens in the survey thought pre-marital sex was right is remarkable given the pervasive exploitation of young males and females in the media as sex objects and the constant portrayal of sex outside of marriage as normal and an everyday event without consequences.Their own religion is important to each of them but they have no problem having an interfaith marriage. It must be done by a canonical Orthodox jurisdiction.

Eastern Orthodox Christians often abstain from meat, eggs, dairy, and/or alcohol for a period of 40 days leading up to Christmas and then fast during the day of Christmas Eve. It is my understanding that the Greek Orthodox Church is one of the stricter churches.He would have to speak with his priest regrading the circumstances. Is it that he doesn’t want to be removed from the body of the church?Currently, the Revised Julian calendar is identical to the Gregorian calendar—therefore, Orthodox Christians whose church uses the Revised Julian calendar celebrate Christmas on Dec. The Greek, Cyprian, and Romanian Orthodox Churches are among the churches that use the Revised Julian calendar; the Orthodox Church in America also uses the revised calendar (with some exceptions).The Serbian, Macedonian, Georgian, and Ukrainian Orthodox Churches, like the Russian Orthodox Church, are celebrating Christmas today.

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