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The proceedings will not interrupt operations at the school, which is about 60 years old, according to the statement.

Representatives of the landlord have contested million that remained unpaid to Tiberti for the builder’s work on the school at 5959 S.

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Bishop Gorman High School’s landlord has filed for bankruptcy.

Bitcoins are taking over the crypto-currency marketplace.An arbitrator ruled in favor of Tiberti and a District Court judge upheld the decision. In its Monday statement, the landlord calls Tiberti’s demands “unreasonable and unrealistic” and said Tiberti was not willing to negotiate.The relationship between the school and the Tiberti family has a deep history. “We have taken this action to protect the investments made by so many members of our community,” the landlord’s executive director, Deacon Aruna Silva, said in the Monday statement.The landlord, Bishop Gorman Development Corp., filed for Chapter 11 reorganization over its dispute with Tiberti Construction, which built a portion of the high school campus, according to a statement from the landlord Monday.The private Catholic high school, with an erollment of about 1,500 students, pays its landlord monthly rent to use the campus under a long-term lease.

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